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Due to a few interested folks who raised their hands, I’m now offering editing and workshop services! On the menu below is a list of varied options, depending on your needs. As you can see, I can help you with both professional freelance writing and academic writing. If you sign up for one of these services, you’ll be working with me, Alice Lesperance, editor-in-chief here at Shakespeare and Punk. My writing has been featured in Scalawag Magazine, on Autostraddle, The Atlantic, and elsewhere. As an academic, I successfully completed my Master’s thesis in May of 2017, and as an undergraduate I was asked to present my academic work at two international conferences.

Pricing here ranges, some flat rate and some hourly – depending on the project. I also have a special for college students looking for help on small course papers. You can reach out to me at shakespeareandpunk@gmail.com if you need more information or would like to solicit my services.



Short paper (2 -5 pages) – Pay What You Can! [min. $5]: The most popular option for students. This is a short editing session for a completed draft of a short academic paper. I will comb through your essay and mark any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or syntax.

Medium length paper (5 – 7 pages) – $10 This is a short editing session for a completed draft of a medium length academic paper. I will comb through your essay and mark any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or syntax.

Long Essay / Term paper (7+ pages) – $20 This is a short editing session for a completed draft of a long academic paper or term paper. I will comb through your essay and mark any mistakes in grammar, spelling, or syntax.

Thesis (15 – 50 pages) – $2 per page [min. $30]: This is for all of the Master’s candidates out there. Take it from someone who just finished their Master’s thesis – you need this. This option gives you hours of one-on-one work with me, during which I will critique your thesis draft on structural and theoretical grounds, as well as comb through for grammar and spelling mistakes. This will also involve an assessment (via email) of the thesis as a whole, where I see it as it stands in its present form, how it can be improved, etc.

Dissertation – $2 per page [minimum $50] – This is identical to the services offered for the Thesis option above, but for a longer, book-length manuscript.

Professional & Creative

General Short Workshop (creative or nonfiction) – $15: This is the most general option for writers who are trying to sharpen and hone their skills, not necessarily preparing for immediate publication. I will look over one piece (or two short ones) that you feel strongly represents your writing skill level and area of interests and workshop it with you one-on-one via email and google docs.

Basic Professional Freelance Writing Consultation –  Pay What You Can! (min. $5): This is short, one-on-one consultation via email or G-Chat for writers and editors looking to get into freelance work. Have questions about pay rates for freelancers? Places to pitch? How to communicate with editors? How to put freelance work on your resume? This is for you!

Full Professional freelance writing consultation – $20 + $5 per each additional hour [maximum number of hrs 10]: If you are a writer trying to break into the freelance writing industry, this option gives you several hours’ worth of one-on-one consulting and workshopping with me via email/google docs. You will submit one piece of writing you think is among your strongest, and tell me a little bit about where you see this piece going on the road to being published, and I will help you get there. I will work with you to find places to submit the piece and how to communicate with editors. Additional hours are added for follow up sessions. 

Pre-editing Consult (essay or chapter) – $15 : This is a short one-on-one workshop for those looking to submit a piece of work to a magazine or publisher. When submitting work to publications, you want to know that the piece is grabbing an editor’s attention. It’s their job to get it to publishing shape, but I can help you get your foot in the door! This will include structural advice, spell-checking, and an overall assessment. In the case of book-length manuscripts, this price point only includes consulting on chapter-length excerpts.

Pre-editing Consult (full manuscript or longform essays over 10 pages) – $0.50 per page: This is the above service, but for longer manuscripts.

Manuscript Editing Workshop – $1 per page, minimum $50: This is the full service editing package that includes everything in the Pre-editing Consult but with a more in-depth editing process. If you’re working on a book or essay collection and need someone to pick through it with a fine-tooth comb, this is for you! I will read your manuscript through and work with you closely to smooth out any rough spots, in terms of grammar, syntax, or structure.  This will include an overall assessment of the manuscript, with straight-forward constructive advice for how to push it through to publication. This process typically takes a total of 5 – 7 hours of work combined, depending on the length of your manuscript and the depth of editing required.

Have something more specific and need advice? Have a project that doesn’t quite fit into any of the above categories? That’s fine! Shoot me an email with details and we can work something out.

Email me at shakespeareandpunk@gmail.com,  please use the menu option you’re interested in as the subject of the email, if applicable.  (example: SUBJECT: “Manuscript Editing Workshop”) 



“Alice is a wicked sharp critical thinker and an extremely talented editor with an eye for grammar and style. She’s also quick to pick up on nuances and context, catering her feedback to make every piece she edits as brilliant as it can be.”

– Samantha Pearson, writer and social media editor


“Alice is a generous and encouraging editor. Her enthusiasm for her work shines through and her suggestions are not simply cosmetic, they are enriching.”

– Kat Sinclair, writer and poet