Submission Guidelines

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Shakespeare and Punk currently accepts the following types of submissions:

Reviews: We’re always looking for sharp critical perspectives on newly released media. Please submit pitches up to 1500 words.

Poetry and Fiction: We publish poetry and short stories. We’ve been lucky enough to feature some really great poetry over on Pocket Full Of Poesy, and we’d love to have more. We’re in especially desperate need for fiction, so send us your short stories and flash fiction. Please submit full drafts of fiction up to 2500 words, and collections of poetry up to 4 poems.

Personal essays: Our priority is essays that can be related back to a piece of art or media of some sort – a time in your life when a piece of poetry saved you or the first album you ever made out to, etc etc – and definitely essays written by people of color, members of the LGBT+ community, and people with disabilities. Full drafts preferred, pitches accepted.

Creative Nonfiction: We want writing that’s undefinable, amorphic or strange. We’re looking for creative nonfiction, whatever that means – writing that struggles against labels and boundaries. Please submit full drafts up to 2500 words, or very carefully detailed and outlined pitches (drafts preferred).


If/ThenIf/Then is a syllabus you get to build. Take a show or film that was recently released that centers around a topic and then build a “reading list” for it. For example: Mr. Robot with a reading list about hacktivism and government surveillance. Pitches and drafts accepted.

Reconsider This: Reconsider This features reviews of films/shows/books/music that were released 5+ years ago. This will involve having watched or listened to it recently and writing about your experience of it now vs. the first time. Pitches and drafts accepted.

Pitch and Submission Guidelines

The form for pitch submissions is here. When filling out the form, please include links to writing samples, or link them via google docs (make sure the file is set so that I can view it). These writing samples can be blog posts, published writing of any kind, or academic writing. If submitting academic writing, please keep in mind that Shakespeare and Punk does not publish academic-style essays, and you will be pushed to break out of academic style.

Shakespeare and Punk is primarily a blog about art and media and as such we are looking for pitches that relate to that in some way – be it reviews, personal essays, or fiction. This can mean interacting with that media directly (as in, you pick a specific artist or piece of media and talk about it in some way) or writing about art and media in general (as in, talking about media representation, your experience as an artist, etc.)

Our poetry column, Pocket Full Of Poesy, is the exception to this. Any other pitches unrelated to art or media in some form are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Shakespeare and Punk cannot pay contributors at the moment. I hope this will change soon. What you will get, however, is hours worth of in-depth editing on your writing and a published piece for your CV.