hakespeare and Punk started as a tumblr in 2012, as a personal blog. It has always gravitated toward cultural criticism, with a personal, experiential bend. Since then it has taken many forms, until finally it got its own home in 2016.

 Shakespeare and Punk explores relationships between what we listen to, what we watch, and what we read. S&P also publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction from young writers and artists.




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Alice Lesperance is a 26 Southerner-turned-New Yorker-turned-Southerner-again who has been blogging since she was twelve. She loves music, dogs, and YA lit.

She’s written for Autostraddle, The Youngist, Scalawag magazine, and One Week/One Band. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her girlfriend and their cat Stevie Nicks.

Her essay collection Ouroboricisms and Other Essays is available here.

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Jacqui Deighton still considers London, England “home”, but currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is pretty okay with that. Her writing has appeared in One Week / One Band, Goblin Fruit and elsewhere, as well as winning some awards. She likes lip gloss, stompy boots, and cephalopods. Probably she was Remus Lupin in a past life.

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Samantha Pearson is a freelance writer, editor, and social media manager who currently writes for Rogues Portal and Culturess. Her work has also appeared on Femsplain. She occasionally blogs about vegan food and her life as a cat parent on her personal website, The Verbal Thing. Samantha likes comics, Shakespeare, cephalopods, space babes, MLPCCG, and dismantling the patriarchy.

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Kat Sinclair is a poet, postgraduate student, and persistent bisexual menace living in Brighton, UK.  She mostly writes on women in science-fiction and technology, trauma theory, mental health, and political action.

 Her work can be found on The Literateur, The Toast, and Rogues Portal, and she herself can be found pointing enthusiastically at passing dogs, boiling endless pasta, and tweeting.


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