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Hi all,

I’m sad to announce that I’m shutting down Shakespeare & Punk for submissions until further notice. I have a few thoughts and words about this, if you don’t mind:

For years, S&P has been my sandbox to experiment with my own writing and amplify others’. I’ve never gotten paid a cent for the work I do as writer and editor, but I’ve also never been able to pay contributors. This has always felt wrong to me, but I told myself that if I was a volunteer, then it was okay.

But, I’ve now found myself neglecting Shakespeare & Punk. Not because I don’t love it! I do, I really, really do. But with a full-time job, a wedding to plan and my attempts to get my own writing career off the ground, I simply can’t give it the time it needs. It’s also, quite frankly, expensive.

So what now? I’ll be highlighting some of our best work on Twitter. I’m also not planning to renew the yearly domain subscription, though I will be keeping the site up as an archive. I want all of my writers to have something to show for the hard work they did.

I’ll be publishing a couple more pieces that I’ve had in my inbox since before this decision was made.

I can’t stress enough how much this has weighed on me. Over the years, I’ve had people email me and come up to me in person to tell me how much this site has meant to them. It’s meant that much to me, too. And more. In the future, I hope it might be resurrected. But for now, it will sit here as a testament to the hard work of the writers I’ve been privileged to work with.

I love you all.

My absolute warmest wishes,

Alice Lesperance
Editor in Chief

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