S&P Monthly Round-Up


AUGUST has long been one of my favorite months for all that it marks: the end of summer, the start of a new school year. This August was particularly great for me, as I moved to my new home in North Carolina with my wife. I’m thrilled to be in the South again. I’ve never lived in a Southern city, and so far it feels very much the best of both worlds: the accessible, progressive liveliness of urban areas with the comfort of southern culture that surrounded me as I was growing up.

August was also a great month for Shakespeare and Punk. We gained forty followers this month! We started two new columns: Jacqui Deighton’s GIRLisms, which focuses on the lives and stories of girls in fiction and history, took a look at Crimson Peak’s Edith Cushing and, in the second installment, LM Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.  Samantha Pearson introduced her column Fandom Love Letters by reminiscing about her first foray into fandom with Gilmore Girls fan fiction. In Relax!, a new column focused on self-care, Jessica Davis and I compiled lists to help you find games and twitter accounts to chill you out. Okay, some of those are technically for July, it’s true, but since this is our first Monthly Round Up, I’m allowing it.

Looking forward to Fall, the supreme season, and the closing of the year, Shakespeare and Punk will continue to bring you fresh perspectives on media and pop culture from voices that are often under represented. Submissions are open! I would like to take this time to say that we particularly encourage pitch submissions from trans and non-binary folks and people of color. Read our guidelines here.

You can also now find us/me (mostly me. it’s just me.) on twitter over at @shandpunk ! I share new pieces that have been published on the site as well as my own musings on pop culture/life. See you there!


Here are some of the most popular pieces published on Shakespeare and Punk last month (and one from late July):


1. (2)

 “I’ll Be Useful: Dunkirk Isn’t The War Movie You Think It Is” by Jacqui Deighton

In her review of Dunkirk, Jacqui Deighton pushes back against one-dimensional criticisms of the film with an in-depth look at the history of British war culture and nationalism.


“Learning Empathy From Television” by Katelyn Mae Petrin

What does television have to teach us about empathy, optimism, and realism? Katelyn Mae Petrin dives deep into these questions with this piece on Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.



“The ‘Got My Shit Together’ Wish List” by KJ Gormley

KJ Gormley  explores the art of retreating into consumer review sites as a source of comfort during their gender transition.


“A Love Song For Seattle Grrls With Great Beats” by Allison Hamilton

A look at Seattle’s Riot Grrl scene, complete with playlist.


“Reflections On My First Pride” by Alexis Teats 

What happens after the parade is over? Alexis Teats remembers her first Pride in New York City.



Have suggestions for Shakespeare and Punk? Love a column but want to see more of it? Drop us a line at shakespeareandpunk@gmail.com or fill out our contact form here:



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