Relax!: 5 Twitter Accounts To Chill Out Your Feed After All That Talk Of Nuclear Disaster

  1. As a person who avoided Twitter forΒ years, I’m actually really enjoying my foray into tweeting every thought that pops into my head – even if I have to sacrifice grammar and spelling to fit the 140 character requirement. (Psst, are you following S&P on twitter?Β No? Do it now!) There’s a lot of talk about the critical role Twitter plays in politics and journalism, some of which is good and some of which is bad. One thing IΒ doΒ know is that Twitter can do more harm than good when everyone on your twitter feed is making jokes about our country’s future as a nuclear wasteland. But I also know we’re all quite addicted to social media and that it genuinely serves as a good forum to discuss & vent. So, for all our sakes’, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite soothing twitter accounts! Follow these 5 and let them be the tiny little oasis in a stream of anxiety-inducing terror.


1. Cat In The Sink?


2. Tiny Neighbor


3. poem.exe



4. Emoji Aquarium & Emoji Meadow



5. Chelsea Manning


This one needs a little more explanation than the others (which are all quite self-explanatory, right? Cats! Cute little houses! Emoji bots!). Chelsea Manning doesn’tΒ notΒ tweet about the same political issues that saturate our feeds, but she does it in such a way (see: with lots of emojis) that you feel instantly comforted.



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