the future is right around the corner

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.55.59 PM


the girls make me
wish heavy; sticky heat
sharp / too short ten minutes
the last of the hot yellow light
odd, light long shadows / found
broken glass & mint on the windowsill
cut grass smell
drifting curtains

my girlfriend is drinking lemonade
little red strawberries mashed
pink in the bottom of her glass

my other girlfriend is laughing
chasing ice cubes
toes stained green

their lips stretch sticky / soft

under the shade
of all the front yard trees
the house lives / cool
the doors are open


like a mother lost in the woods you found only
the river
sticks and stones and little bones
white in the current

you began to cry today
you are always beginning.
the light of the moon

the birds are hollow
the fox’s eyes glint

her hands are on yours, on your
chest this
is spelling you out

here is her mouth open
again again again
howling coyotes

the water has always been—


welcome back!
everything is…
mostly the same,
rough around the edges,
she has taken to
cutting her own hair,
I have taken to

putting my teeth in
everything comes out apple red

look, see here
the body of the girl
drowning in the bathtub
her catacombe chest
filling up
my hands in
my mouth

all the doors slam open and she is


this sunshine day
open windowed day

gorge yourself;
lay yourself down in that
warm slatted sunlight

until the floor aches under your shoulders&&

the rain comes,
eyes closed against the drum drumming
everything is coming up

here they are;
your most gentle thoughts,
your ribcaged heart

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 5.55.59 PM



Sarah Kallemeyn lives on the edge between Minneapolis and Saint Paul with her girlfriend and their cat. She finds life most worth it for brunch, photography, and poetry, and works them all into her life as much as possible. You can catch her on tumblr.

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