Mixed Feelings #4

Mixed Feelings is a weekly Sunday column featuring whatever music I’ve been listening to this week. A blend of new and old, these are the songs I recommend accompany you on your daily run (if that’s your thing, more power to you), while you deal with manspreading on the train, or whatever you do throughout your week.

Sounds like: corduroy blazers, bootcut jeans, brown eyeliner

Pair with: that one Buffy episode where the gang loses their memories and it’s all fun and games until Michelle Branch makes a guest appearance at The Bronze and Willow and Tara break up.

My last Mixed Feelings was in October and between then and now, Donald Trump has become our president. I thought, idly, that I should switch up my playlists because I’ve been listening to the same things for about five months. Most of these were musical soundtracks – Spring Awakening, Billy ElliotNext to Normal but I’ve also had one playlist that I assembled on repeat, which I’ve just been adding to when the mood strikes me. This one is titled “Ladies” because – you guessed it – it features only songs written and/or sung by women.

The two main driving forces behind “Ladies” are 1) my recent Buffy re-watch and 2) the natural inclination to seek comfort in the familiar during times of great stress.

The second point needs no explanation, but as for the first, here’s the tracklist for Radio Sunnydale, the only official soundtrack released (other than the musical) for Buffy the Vampire Slayer:



So, yeah. The most exciting song on this mix is “Best You Ever”, Michelle Branch’s new (!!!!!) single – her first one in fourteen years. It’s so good, y’all! It also makes me feel very smug about this post I made on New Years three months ago.



What are you listening to?!

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