Mixed Feelings #3

Mixed Feelings is a weekly Sunday column featuring whatever music I’ve been listening to this week. A blend of new and old, these are the songs I recommend accompany you on your daily run (if that’s your thing, more power to you), while you deal with manspreading on the train, or whatever you do throughout your week.

Sounds like: crisp autumn, relatively low anxiety before the holiday season actually hits, girls in leather boots Pair with: those tiny pumpkins with faces painted on them and a copy of Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids.


Heeeey, so sorry for the complete lack of life for the past week or so. I have no real excuse beyond the fact that I was stupidly busy. Anyway, onward and upward!

It’s October which means two things, (1) that I force everyone in my vicinity to watch Gilmore Girls with me and (2) that I listen to less rap and more punk. Fall is just a punk season.

I resisted the urge to just make this week’s mix just the Gilmore Girls soundtrack (seriously it is so, so good), but I couldn’t resist Joey Ramone’s “What A Wonderful World”.


What are you listening to?!

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