Mixed Feelings

Mixed Feelings is a weekly Sunday column featuring whatever music I’ve been listening to this week. A blend of new and old, these are the songs I recommend accompany you on your daily run (if that’s your thing, more power to you), while you deal with manspreading on the train, or whatever you do throughout your week.


Sounds like: the desperate keening of those of us who just really, really want it to be fall already. Pair with: a piping hot pumpkin spice latte in 80 degree weather.

This week I took a break from the hip hop and pop saturated playlists I’ve been living off of and turned to this playlist, a gumbo of jazzy rock and punky pop. I wanted something folksy, but with minimal banjos (there is a time and a place), something croon-y but with lots of guitar.  Something that predicted Fall but lingered with Summer.

I was recently an audience member on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, where I saw St. Paul & the Broken Bones perform “All I Ever Wonder”. 3 minutes of Paul Janeway crooning through a Southern accent in a metallic gold leopard print suit and I was sold. Wikipedia told me they’re coming out of my hometown: cue nostalgia, cue this very Southern-inspired Teenage-Me-inspired playlist.

  1. Blister In The Sun, Violent Femmes
  2. Hold On, Alabama Shakes
  3. Wake Me, Lucius (Bleachers cover)
  4. Jumpers, Sleater-Kinney
  5. Dixie Rothko, St. Paul & The Broken Bones
  6. Every Morning / There She Goes, Rusty Clanton
  7. Modern Girl, Sleater-Kinney
  8. Soundcheck, Catfish and the Bottlemen
  9. Try A Little Tenderness, Florence + The Machine
  10. Please Be Naked, The 1975

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Featured image: Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes performing with St. Paul and the Broken Bones. credit: AL.com

5 thoughts on “Mixed Feelings

  1. I love this playlist! I’m so glad I get a weekly dose of your music. (Also, fall will probably never be a thing in Arizona, but I am using a combination of music, baking, and strong air conditioning to fool myself.)


  2. So lovely – excited about the Bleachers cover particularly. Definitely needed ‘something that predicted Fall but lingered with Summer’ today as I treat my sunburn while it’s drizzling with rain outside. I love your taste in music/ability to put together a varied but cohesive playlist.


    1. Bleachers put out a reworked version of their album which features entirely covers of their songs (all by women) and even though it came out nearly a year ago very few people seemed to talk about it, which is sad because it’s really fantastic. This cover of “wake Me” is completely re-arranged with a “Be My Baby” drumline (a personal obsession of mine), and the rest of the album is just as good. I recommend it!


  3. Welp, I follow you on Spotify now. As per usual, Brittany Howard’s voice howls and moans and wails and totally knocks my socks off. Also, it may just be sleep deprivation, but the “Be My Baby” drumline in Wake Me kinda made me cry.


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